Glampong Nature Studio Tour in Yogyakarta - Indonesian Colonial Diorama

Have you ever watched the movies "Bumi Manusia" and "Sultan Agung"? These are historical and fictional films based on the conditions in Indonesia during the colonial period. The film productions took place in the Yogyakarta region, specifically in the village of Gamplong Moyudan Sleman, located approximately 15 kilometers from the Jogja city center, the point zero of Jogja. The filming locations have now been transformed into a tourist destination after the local government received a grant from stakeholders in the film production industry.

Gamplong Nature Studio gained fame when Indonesian filmmaker Hanung Bramantyo successfully completed several films depicting the historical struggles of the Indonesian people. There are many interesting sets that reflect the conditions of Indonesia in the past.

Charm of Gamplong Nature Studio

Various unique architectural styles from the Dutch colonial era make it feel like entering the world of Indonesia in the 16th-17th centuries. The classic architecture, along with ancient Javanese joglo and pendopo, is captivating and worth capturing. At the Gamplong Nature Studio spot, visitors can experience the atmosphere of Indonesia in the past while also using it as an educational facility.

Typically, Gamplong studio is used for pre-wedding photoshoots, promotional advertisements, or other aesthetic activities. Photography and cinematography-related higher education institutions in Yogyakarta also utilize Gamplong Nature Studio for practical learning. However, it is advisable to discuss with the studio management before a photoshoot, as there are specific regulations. If in doubt, it's recommended to seek the assistance of a guide to enjoy and obtain complete information about Gamplong Nature Studio.

Early History of Gamplong Nature Studio Establishment

Many are unaware of the initiator of the establishment of Gamplong Nature Studio. It was a successful Indonesian businesswoman named Mooryati Soedibyo, the owner of Mustika Ratu. With a strong sense of nationalism, she wanted to contribute to Indonesian society by conveying knowledge of the nation's struggles through films. She chose Hanung Bramantyo to realize this vision, leading to the creation of films such as Sultan Agung and later, Bumi Manusia. Not stopping there, she also donated Gamplong Nature Studio to the government for use as an educational tourism facility for tourists.

Access to the Location of Gamplong Studio Tour

The route to Gamplong Nature Studio is straightforward and can be accessed by two-wheeled vehicles or cars. If you use Jl. Malioboro or the intersection at point 0 in Jogjakarta as a reference, head west until reaching the Wates highway, then turn right at the Klangon intersection until you see the railroad crossing. The journey is estimated to cover a distance of around 17 kilometers or a travel time of 33 minutes. Google Maps ( can be used for navigation, and it aligns with the spot location. If you encounter difficulty with directions, you can ask the local residents around Sumberahayu, Moyudan.

Admission Fee for Gamplong Nature Studio

The operating hours for Gamplong Nature Studio are from 08:00 AM to 05:00 PM daily. Managed by the local government, the admission fee is at your discretion, collected in designated boxes at the entrance to the Gamplong Nature Studio area. Within the studio, there are several spots with various ticket prices:

All these prices are well worth the experience, offering exciting moments with replicas of old trains, various film props, and settings from Indonesia's past. Visitors will encounter unique dioramas, such as old markets, antique mailboxes, tape recorders, telephones, and film properties that transport them to the colonial era. To use professional non-mobile phones for photography, a permit card fee of Rp.10,000,- is charged.

If you find yourself in Yogyakarta, where there are numerous tourist locations like the southern coastal areas, Malioboro, and Kaliurang, take some time to visit Gamplong Nature Studio. It promises a unique and classic experience worth capturing.

November 25, 2023
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