The Beauty of Ledok Sambi Hamlet

When visiting Kaliurang Park, tourists cannot pass the opportunity to explore the nearby villages. For example, there is Dusun Ledok in Pakem District. In terms of location, close to Mount Merapi, it is a recommended place to be explored by many tourists. Other attractions are the pristine environment, warm hamlet people, and traditional structures. Travelers can do many things there including photography, get closer to the locals, play with them, and explore all parts of the village. Somehow, it becomes a good site for stress relief too.

Shades of Ledok Sambi

Dusun Ledok is famous for its beautiful atmosphere, surrounded by shady trees and traditional houses such as Limasan and Joglo. Some of these houses have large yards that are usually used to play and enjoy the nuances of nature. The villagers even made a unique playground featuring a pool and swings. The best thing is that tourists are allowed to try and play with the villagers. Other hamlet attractions include the farm and several other farm animals.

Exploring the hamlet of Ledok Sambi

For those who are visiting Ledok Hamlet for the first time, it is a little confusing because of the lack of information. , they don't know what to do in Ledok Sambi. Therefore, it is better to come with experienced tourists or tour guides to enjoy a good time in Ledok Sambi hamlet. The first thing that is recommended to do is to enjoy the beauty of this village! Ledok Sambi hamlet is comfortable and amazing, because of the presence of lush nature. Even the air feels so refreshing and healthy, so this village is a great location to relax and relieve stress. The next activity that is recommended to be carried out in Ledok Sambi Hamlet is walking through Ledok Sambi. In this case, tourists simply explore the hamlet guided by local residents. The first feature that is seen is the activities of local residents, where some farmers carry out rice field activities such as plowing, planting, and so on. Furthermore, there are many farms where tourists can witness a lot of dairy cows. In fact, they are allowed to learn to express the milk of the cows! And for a more relaxed activity, they can visit the local mushroom garden to learn how to cultivate this commodity.

Next Ledok Sambi Activities

Ledok Sambi hamlet is suitable for enjoying fun activities such as outbound as well. What's exciting is the flying fox, which is suitable for both adults and children. In terms of culture, this village has Sadranan, Selamatan, and Ruwahan. Some of these things are really interesting for tourists to enjoy during their visit.

August 05, 2022
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