Geblek Pari Nanggulan traditional food stall

Geblek is a traditional food from Kulon Progo. Geblek is made by mixing cassava flour and garlic. Geblek is usually shaped like the number 8. Geblek can usually be found in traditional markets or stalls in the Kulon Progo area. But if you want to try something different, you must come to Warung Geblek Pari Nanggulan.

Unique Place and Atmosphere of Geblek Pari Nanggulan Traditional Warung

Geblek Pari Nanggulan carries traditional Javanese concepts in every corner of its stall. Once we are in this traditional stall, we will see and witness several Javanese joglo buildings along with a number of tables and chairs made of wood and bamboo. In one corner we will find a traditional wooden cart that was deliberately placed in one corner of this Geblek Pari stall.

The calming village atmosphere will make us feel the clean air of the Kulon Progo countryside. Around the shop are also overgrown with shady protective trees. This is a natural and eco-friendly concept. Although it doesn't have a special photo spot, the interior of the traditional warung and the stunning views of the hills can be a good spot to take selfies too.

The traditional menu has a variety of delicious home-cooked Javanese dishes of course. Not only snacks, Warung Geblek Pari Nanggulan also offers heavy food menus such as brongkos vegetables, soup vegetables, lodeh vegetables, omelets, pindang fish, bacem tofu and of course rice are also included in this buffet menu. Warung Geblek Pari Nanggulan offers two types of traditional menus, namely food menus sold individually such as fried bananas, fried tempeh and traditional buffet menus where we can enjoy whatever we want.

In addition to traditional Javanese food stalls also serve a variety of drinks with a variety of dishes. The drinks include orange juice, tea, coffee, lemongrass wedhang and mineral water. And all of this we can enjoy while feeling the rural aura with views of the rice fields and Menoreh hills far away. There is no doubt about the taste of the food here because every dish on the menu can satisfy your appetite and eliminate hunger.

If you want to enjoy traditional cuisine with a natural concept, with a unique location, authentic taste and very cheap prices, Warung Gebrek Pari Nanggulan is a culinary place that must be referred to. As a tip, if you want to visit Warung Geblek Pari Nanggulan, try to come when the weather is sunny.

August 01, 2022
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