Nguras Enceh Traditional Ceremony In Yogyakarta

The Nguras Enceh ceremony is one of the traditional ceremonies held in Yogyakarta. This ceremony has the aim of cleaning oneself from a dirty heart.
As a traditional ceremony, Nguras Enceh is held every Kliwon Friday and Kliwon Tuesday in the month of Sura. This ceremony is carried out with the ritual of cleaning the barrels in the tomb of the Mataram Kings Temple in Imogiri, Bantul.

This ceremony is carried out with the intention of cleaning the human mind from dirty desires. Generally, this ceremony will be visited by several people to know the meaning of the ceremony and there are also those who want to watch the ceremony while hoping for blessings.

Water from the barrel is believed to treat various types of diseases and get rid of misfortune. The four barrels that will be cleaned in the Nguras Enceh Ceremony. The four barrels were named Nyai Siyem from Siam, Kyai Mendung from Turkey, Kyai Danumaya from Aceh and Nyai Danumurti from Palembang. The 4 barrels are offerings from the kingdom of a close friend given to Sultan Agung.

At first the barrel was used as water for ablution by several kings. However, when the King left, the barrel was just moved in front of the tomb of Sultan Agung.
Before the Nguras Enceh Ceremony is held, usually the Ngarak Siwur Ceremony will be held first. The Ngarak Siwur ceremony is taking a scoop of water with coconut shells carried out by Abdi Dalem and the community.

Like other unique traditional Keraton events, the Ngurah Enceh Event is something that attracts the wider community who will witness it, not only from the Yogyakarta area but also outside the region. Residents are even fighting over the overflow of water used to clean Enceh. Many are trying to be able to drink the water, many are taken home.
The barrel will be filled with new water then residents can take the water. In this process, residents will scramble to get drained water from the barrel.

In addition, Abdi Dalam will hold tahlilan in the pavilion of the tomb yard of Sultan Agung Hanyakrakusuma. After the tahlilan is over, the Nguras Enceh Ceremony will begin which is held by the Elders of the Locksmiths of Puralaya Imogiri.

June 08, 2022
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