Want to take your kids to Jogja but don't have any idea where to take your kids anywhere....Let's take a look at the Jogja itinerary with kids.

Hana Tour & Travel will give you a little information about which children's tourist locations can make your children happy and enjoy their vacation.

The city of Yogyakarta, which bears the title as a student city, has now begun to develop rapidly for the tourism sector. Lots of rows of new tourist attractions have sprung up, and have unique themes. From cultural and historical tourism such as royal heritage sites such as temples, colonial era heritage sites such as forts, Loji-style houses, natural attractions such as mountains and beaches, to tours that are usually used as references for field trips to schools, namely educational tours and excursions. special entertainment for children which is certainly friendly for your baby.


Here's the Jogja Itinerary with Children that We Recommend


located on Jl. Solo KM 11 Number 31, Jogja and very easy to reach by car and motorbike. Ice Cream Dream World Jogja, a tourist spot that is currently hits, is certainly visited by many, especially for children who like ice cream. Carrying the theme of ice cream and photography, it immediately attracts children, especially children, to want to visit there. Here, visitors can take pictures, take selfies and document the fun with the theme of all kinds of ice cream... hmm, this is really suitable for your child.

You can document the uniqueness of the bright colors of ice cream, invite children's interest to interact and visitors can enjoy a variety of vanilla, strawberry, chocolate gelato ice cream and many others that look interesting and delicious, of course.

There are several mini studio spots where I can accommodate about 5 adults, decorated with melting ice cream cones, melted ice cream sticks. There are also ice cream decorations hanging upside down and lighting as if we were in an ice world with a rain of ice cream with various colors, making the child fun when posing for photos.

You can save this Ice Cream Dream World itinerary at any time if you want to take your children for a walk, because it is open from 10.00 until. 21.00 Monday – Sunday.

Ice Cream World Jogja under the auspices of Ice Cream World Group. Its locations in Indonesia are not only in Yogyakarta, but also in Bali and Semarang. However, each spot has its own theme. Ice Cream Dream World Jogja officially opened on the 13th of February in 2018. Since the opening of Ice Cream Dream World Jogja, it has never been empty of visitors who are interested in coming. Especially when the school holidays arrive, visitors will queue up to be able to enter Ice Dream World.

Jogja itinerary with kids at Ice Cream Dream World will make the holiday more colorful and don't forget to prepare a camera and poses because there are many unique and Instagramable spots that can make your social media rained with likes.



Itinerary Jogja with this one child is also a favorite of the children. Yes, Kids Fun. You can imagine it would be really fun and exciting if you took your kids there. There are so many choices of rides for learning and playing which are certainly interactive and requested by children. There are 23 rides presented at Kids Fun for children aged 2 to 13 years and around 12 playgrounds that can also be enjoyed with the whole family. Kids Fun is so educative and very entertaining, and the favorites are several main rides that always invite visitors to queue up, the rides are Gokart Racing, Wall Climbing, Comedy Play, and Aqua Splash.

A Brief History of Kids Fun Jogja

Headquartered in the Netherlands under the name Kids Fun Parcs, the company has expanded its business to the city of Yogyakarta as its franchise ambassador. The first time Kids Fun Jogja opened this ecotourism service in 1998, the playground with an area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout 50000 square meters became the largest playground at that time.

Arena for Kids Fun Jogja

Kids Fun divides the theme of the arena, namely the theme of rides for children, the theme of rides for families, and the theme of rides that trigger a little adrenaline, all of which are a must try.

Bomb Bomb Car or Bumper Car

Because of its popularity in almost every big city that has a playground, this bomb car toy must always be there. Included in the family theme category, children aged three years and over and adults, equipped with seat belts, can also play in the Bomb Bom Car with a capacity of 2 passengers, this speed-controlled electrical power. The fun thing is, we can play crash, but safety is still a priority for Kids Fun.


to be continued....

May 15, 2022
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