The Amazing Beauty of Pengilon Hill

One of the natural tourist spots of Jogjakarta which has a very amazing beauty is Bukit Pengilon. Located in the hills, this tourist spot is in the area around the south coast of Jogja, precisely in the Gunung Kidul regency. This hill spot is as beautiful as the hills on the north of Jogjakarta province.

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The geographical condition of Yogyakarta which has a coastal area bordering the hills from west to east. This condition provides an atmosphere of scenery that is very amazing because we can enjoy the beauty around the coast from the height. Pengilon Hill is so unique and interesting because at the height bordering the beach there is a stretch of green grass. Pengilon Hill becomes an attractive tourist spot to be able to observe the surrounding beaches and this hill is located right under the foot of Mount Purba Batur which was active about millions of years ago.

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Wediombo Beach and Watu Lumbung Beach in the east and Banyu Nibo Beach and Siung Beach in the west which are famous for their large clusters of rocks are beautiful scenic objects that can be enjoyed from above the height of Pengilon Hill. In the Bukit area it is so comfortable that it is often used as a camping ground by visitors who want to enjoy even longer in Bukit Pengilon. And for tourists who just want to enjoy the beautiful scenery around without camping, the surrounding population has prepared footpaths with seating facilities that can be a relaxing spot to capture the panorama. So interesting is this Bukit Pengilon tourist location, it is often considered like the green mountains found abroad because of its beauty.

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The location of Bukit Pengilon is one-way with Watu Lumbung Beach and Wedi Ombo Beach precisely located in Tepus, Purwodadi, Gunung Kidul, Balong, Girisubo, Gunung Kidul Regency. The location can also be accessed through Siung Beach, because the hills are located around the location. The distance from the city of Yogyakarta is quite far around approximately 75 Km and quite remote, but visitors will feel satisfaction and will have a very deep impression when it reaches Mount Pengilon.

January 14, 2020
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