Klatak Satay Unique Culinary On Imogiri Street

Not only historical and natural sites, Yogyakarta has many things that make it an icon that is so attached. One icon that is so famous is culinary like Gudeg, Bakpia, and there is another one that is currently so popular, Klatak Satay. Now Satay Klatak is a culinary that has so many fans. For tourists who visit Yogyakarta, Klatak Satay has become one of the culinary tastes that must be tasted. Soft meat texture, with a special taste that is so delicious, and the process of baking and serving that is so unique, makes Satay Klatak very attractive to tourists, especially culinary connoisseurs.

The thing that makes unique from Satay Klatak is the process of making it by burning it and using iron bars as its skewer. Of course this is not commonly done by other satay sellers who usually use bamboo as a stick. The marinade was fairly simple, different from the usual satay which is covered with complete spices before being burned, Satay Klatak only seasoned with a salt-based ingredient.

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To be able to see a row of Sate Klatak sellers in, we can walk to the south of the city of Yogyakarta, precisely on the street Imogiri, Bantul. Along this road there are a lot of Sate Klatak stalls as the main menu and among the several Sate Klatak stalls there is one Sate Klatak stall which is the beginning of the history of Sate Klatak in Yogyakarta. Klatak Satay Shop Pak Jupaini whose name uses the name of the originator of the Klatak Satay, is Jupaini.

The beginning of naming the Satay Klatak itself is quite unique, Jupaini who initially worked as a horse cart driver who decided to switch livelihoods to be a goat satay seller. Unlike the satay sold in general, Jupaini only uses salt as a spice to smear the goat meat before the baking process. When burned above the embers, the sound of "klatak klatak klatak" arises because the heat of the embers burns salt sealing in the meat. From the sound of the burning salt this is the name of satay klatak. Not stopping to be creative, Jupaini has another idea to present goat satay with an unusual appearance. Jupaini began using bicycle spokes as a skewer instead of bamboo. It turned out that using iron bars has other advantages than the satay he made, the goat meat which is processed into satay is cooked more evenly and the satay is not easily broken due to burning. Another case when using a skewer made from bamboo skewers can be broken because it burned out before the meat is fully cooked. The use of bicycle spokes as a skewer is unique to the Klatak Satay which makes Klatak Satay quickly widely known and immediately becomes an icon of Yogyakarta culinary.

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For 1 portion of the Klatak Satay dish, its contents are 2 to 3 skewers, it does sound a little but it turns out that the mutton slices on the satay klatak have a size large enough and thick so that the portion feels just right to be enjoyed. Soft texture because the meat selected is meat from young goats and served with curry sauce. For those who like spicy tastes, visitors can ask to add sliced ​​chili to be mixed into the curry sauce. The use of curry sauce as a friend of Klatak Satay was made from the beginning when Mr. Jupaini first made Satay Klatak. Jupaini combined various spices into the curry recipe as a friend of the Klatak Satay which had been made since the beginning until now there was no change.

Of the dozens of satay klatak stalls lined up along Jalan Imogiri, Bantul, Yogyakarta, there are some satay klatak stalls that are descendants of Jupaini, the pate satay klatak. Pak Jupaini's Warung Sate is currently continued and managed by Jupaini's biological son, Kabul and his wife. Three of Jupaini's nine children have a satay stall business, namely Maadi, Hawing and Kabul.

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In addition to the children of Jupaini, Jupaini's two grandchildren, namely Pak Nyong and Pak Pong who are brothers, also opened a satay klatak shop. The Klatak Sate Pak Pong shop is now one of the most famous satay stalls and has always been a "jujugan" for travelers when visiting Yogyakarta.

January 10, 2020
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