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Bantul Regency is known as the dominant center of handicraft centers in the Yogyakarta Special Region province and is widely spread centers of handicraft SMEs in various locations. one of the craft centers that have become an icon of Bantul Regency is Kasongan. Kasongan, which is administratively located in the Kajen hamlet, Bangunjiwo village, Kasihan sub-district, Bantul Regency, Yogyakarta, which is approximately 7 km south of the city of Yogyakarta, is a center for pottery production, whose products are in demand by local and foreign consumers. Along the Kasongan tourism village area, you will find many showrooms displaying various handicraft products from clay pottery, such as souvenirs, miniature transportation, ceramic jars, flower pots, terra cotta, fountains, loro blonyo, statues and several other pottery handicraft variations.

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Beginning of the history of the Kasongan tourism village is somewhat unique, starting from a horse owned by a detective from the Netherlands who was then going on colonization in Indonesia, died right on the location of rice fields owned by the color. Because the owner of the paddy field was worried about the threat of punishment that would be imposed on him, the owner of the paddy field relinquished ownership of his paddy field. This incident triggered several other communities in the Kasongan area to do the same. A number of paddy fields and even then finally recognized by other villagers. Residents who have relinquished their land rights have finally started a new activity by processing clay which was apparently not broken for kitchen equipment and also various traditional toys at that time. Since then, the pottery industry began to be busy until now.

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Along with the development of time from time to time the craftsmen of clay or pottery or pottery began to produce clay handicrafts with various models and variations as well as adding access such as coconut shells, rattan, bamboo, wood, ceramic fragments into decorative products according to the needs and market desires.

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In this Kasongan tourist village, tourists can visit directly to choose and bargain for the desired pottery prices, not only that tourists are also allowed to visit workshops to witness firsthand how the clay pottery processing process starts from the beginning to get the final results in the form of pottery crafts.

January 08, 2020
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