Posong Mountain Valley, Heaven In The World Between Two Mountains

Temanggung as a city that is located right in the middle of the island of Java has a variety of unique and natural beauty that is so interesting. Flanked by 2 mountains with a height that almost has in common, namely Sumbing and Sindoro. According to information the two mountains have both erupted, until now these two mountains are still active but still resting peacefully. To get a closer look at the two mountains at the same time there is a place that is so fitting to be able to enjoy it. Posong tourism object located in the village of Tlahab, Kledung sub-district, Temanggung. Although this tourism object is not much different from the Ketep Pass in Magelang or New Selo in Boyolali which both share the theme of mountain scenery, Posong Valley tourism object is considered the most strategic location to be able to closely monitor both Sumbing and Sindoro mountains. Lembah Posong, which carries the theme of this sunrise tour, does not hurt also to visit it in the afternoon or evening because the scenery is so beautiful.

paket wisata tour liburan yogyakarta lembah lawu sindoro posong temanggung jawa tengah

This place also presents the unique natural beauty of the mountains that so spoil the eyes because of its strategic location that is located in the saftey kledung.

Kledung safana is a middle halfway between Sumbing Mountain and Sindoro Mountain which looks so beautiful when observed from Posong natural tourism area. If you have time to visit this place in the afternoon and the weather happens to be sunny, visitors are presented with a view of the Golden Sunset with the sun's rays that split the two mountains.

paket wisata tour liburan yogyakarta lembah posong lawu sindoro temanggung jawa tengah

In the Posong valley, a gazebo is also provided for visitors to be more comfortable while enjoying the beautiful panorama around Posong natural tourism. For visitors who want to try other susana from this Posong tour, you can also try fliying fox around this tourist area. Visitors can enjoy the sensation of gliding in the cool mountain air which is decorated with green trees and plantation areas belonging to the surrounding community. Providing a gathering place or rest area that can be used as a gathering place with friends, family or close relatives, as well as toilets as supporting facilities for visitors.

paket wisata tour liburan yogyakarta lembah posong temanggung jawa tengah

To reach the Posong Valley tourist attraction if from the city of Yogyakarta, it must pass through the city of Magelang, after arriving in Magelang continue the journey to the Temanggung district. Then continue the journey to the Parakan sub-district. The road to Parakan sub-district is the same as the direction of the road to Wonosobo Regency which is a tourist destination city in Central Java. Arriving in Parakan, follow the road to Wonosobo around 5-7 KM and will find the natural tourism gate of Posong which is on the right side of the road from the city of Yogyakarta.

January 05, 2020
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