Bakpia is a proud icon of the city of Yogyakarta which has a unique history and the journey is so interesting to watch. Bakpia started as a Chinese immigrant named Kwik Sun Kwok, renting a plot of land in Suryowijayan village, Mantrijeron subdistrict area, owned by Niti Gurnito. Bakpia is originally a cake brought from mainland China with the original name Tou Luk Pia which means green bean cake has been produced in Jogja since 1948.

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Various bakpia brands traded one of the famous bakpia brands is Bakpia Pathuk 25 which was pioneered by Ms. Tan Aris Nio and this effort is continued by her son named Arlen Sanjaya. Starting from trying to make bakpia cakes assisted by his children including Arlen Sanjaya and one freelance employee.

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Bakpia Pathuk 25, whose production is currently run by Mr. Arlen Sanjaya who is the next generation of family business carrying the theme of Bakpia with a dish that is "Always New and Warm" already has five stores, two on AIP KS Road. Tubun, one shop on Jalan Bhayangkara, and two other branches on Jalan Laksda Adi Sucipto. Each branch is supplied by the Bakpia Pathuk production center 25. Supported by approximately 100 employees who share the task, the women work as bakpia printers and packaging, while the male employees have duties as dough maker, content maker / spice maker, oven section and also the delivery department to several branch and partner stores.

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The beginning of naming Bakpia Pathuk 25 was when it first produced and marketed Bakpia, the company rented a shop with number 38 which at that time was Lita Sanjaya, Arlen's sister as the management of the family company. Then the business was named in its Bakpia production with the brand Bakpia Pathuk 38. At that time there were already many Bakpia craftsmen, but the craftsmen did not use the brand. And according to Mr. Arlen indeed Mrs. Tan Aris Nio was not the first time a bakpia maker, but the bakpia that first used the brand was bakpia produced by Ms. Tan Aris Nio. Then for reasons of business confidence, the brand changed to Bakpia Pathuk 25 and it turned out that bearing this latest brand the family business became rapidly developed and became a well-known brand.

January 01, 2020
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