Part 1 : A brief history of Bakpia Jogjakarta

Soft and sweet typical of this food we will definitely remember a city that is the origin of this food. Yes, Bakpia Pathok is synonymous with the city of Jogja. Bakpia is one of the typical souvenirs of Jogja which is very legendary because it is so popular by tourists when visiting Yogyakarta. This round and flat cake contains a mixture of green beans and sugar.

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Bakpia is actually a cake originating from mainland China with the original name Tou Luk Pia (derived from the Hokkien dialect) which means green bean cake. So Bakpia itself is formed from the acculturation of Chinese and Javanese culture which has succeeded in presenting a very tasty and liked cake. Although viewed through historical records, bakpia are cakes from China brought by Chinese immigrants in the early decades of the 20th century. This Bakpia is said to have existed since 1930 brought by Chinese traders who at that time lived in the center of Yogyakarta City.

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In the 1940s a Chinese immigrant named Kwik Sun Kwok rented a plot of land in Suryowijayan village, the district of Mantrijeron owned by Niti Gurnito. Kwik Sun Kwok tries to trade for his fortune by producing bakpia typical foods from China. In the beginning, this food was not acceptable to the public, but Kwik Sun Kwok continued to do various methods so that his bakpia could be accepted by the community. Discovered how to make bakpia that can be accepted by the people of Jogja, namely by baking using charcoal purchased from a friend named Liem Bok Sing who is also from China.

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Kwik Sun Kwok died around the 1960s, the bakpia business he had built from the beginning was continued by his son-in-law named Jumikem. After the death of the Bakpia maestro in Jogjakarta, Niti Gurnito the land owner hired by Kwik to run the bakpia business for the first time, and also his friend Liem Bok Sing where Kwik bought firewood to bake bakpia, followed Kwik's footsteps to make Bakpia. But the bakpia produced by each of them has a slight difference. Bakpia processed by Niti Gurnito The size is smaller than Bakpia made by Kwik, which has thick skin and small contents. He sells Bakpia around with wooden boards.

December 18, 2019
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